Postcards Projects



1. Individual Project.
2. Deadline June the 8th 2016.
3. Everyone should design a set of 3 postcards on the following topics.
a. The Subject (You) – who am I?
b. (Your) Habitat – What is my life-habitat like?
c. Daily life – What do I do?
4. Every postcard should contain image + text (feel free to use Arabic calligraphy – or text in any style. Also consider the use of the translation in English)
5. You are free to use any artistic technique, manual or digital.
6. Everyone should receive a set of postcards from the student back in Colombia.
7. The images will be published on a digital platform (Blog – Website)

I will create a whatsApp group, we can discuss ideas and sketches there.

Although this is a voluntary project I encourage you all to join, the results should be pretty interesting, it is also a great way to experiment, share and enrich our cultural backgrounds.

If you have any question just give me a shout or pass by the office (I’m there from 3:00pm – 4:00pm)

Some examples here: